Grace Najjar selected for the Leadership Institute Master Class (LIMC) 2013

PMI USA has selected Grace Najjar for Leadership Institute Master Class (LIMC) 2013. The PMI Leadership Master Class is a year-long program.
As part of its Component Leaders' professional development, PMI offers a one year Leadership course through the PMI Leadership Institute Meeting.

The participants are drawn from across the world to bring in diversity. After this, Master Class participants become ready to take up Global Leadership position in PMI.
First face to face meeting was held in Marseille, France and Second Face to Face Meeting was in Marrakech, Morocco in November 2012 and last Face to Face Meeting as well as Graduation is in Istanbul Turkey in April 2013.

Leadership Institute Master Class (LIMC) 2013

What is Leadership Institute Master Class (LIMC)?

The ability to lead is a skill that transcends all industries and professions and it has an important place in family and community life as well.
For PMI volunteer leaders who are passionate, dedicated to professional advancement and personal growth, willing to commit to an intensive program, the PMI Leadership Institute Master Class (LIMC) offers an incredible opportunity.

The program helps participants to hone the skills they already possess and provides the knowledge needed to become a more effective global leader.

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