Our Projects

We deliver

Coaching & Consultancy - Capacity Building & Project Management

Client: World Customs Organizations (WCO) - West African Customs Administrations Modernization project - Brussels

Advise the WCO Capacity Building Committee. Build a customized training Material and necessary packages for Project Management to be delivered to ALL WCO administration members.

Coaching & Consultancy on Talent Management

Client: Bank of Beirut

Advisory services to the CIO leadership of Bank of Beirut one of the top leading banks in Lebanon. Build a competency development and talent management framework to improve efficiency, strategic alignment and productivity.

Project Management & Program management

Client: Capital Banking Solutions - Beirut/Paris

Manage a multi-channel e-banking program based on SOA/BPM.

Inhouse & Tailored Training on Project Management for AUF Regional members and representative leaders and program managers in MENA

Client: Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF) - Beirut

Deliver (using French material) a responsive tailored training, based on assessment of needs, context and deliver a training that fall under a change in project and program management practices and mindset.

Coaching, Capacity building & training

Client: ESA business school - Executive Education - Beirut

Deliver Project Management Fundamentals training course, in-house and public, aligned with PMP prep framework.

Project Management & Leadership Training

Client: USJ – ESIB, INCI and Faculty of Science - Beirut

Delivering project management fundamentals and leadership skills for engineers.