ICT Consultancy

Aligned Business Technology Solutions

ICT Consultancy

Our extensive knowledge of IT and ICT systems, applications and technologies provide the necessary support from requirements specification to procurement and implementation supervision.

We provide a full range of business technology consultancy services and support, from full program management to specific needs analysis, recommending the most optimal solutions, strategic IT planning, supervisions and quality assurance on sub-contractors.

Our approach comprises:

  • IT strategic planning and roadmap definition
  • Gap and need analysis
  • Alignment of business needs with IT systems
  • Requirement analysis and technical specifications definitions
  • ERP/ICT solutions planning and monitoring
  • ERP/ICT management and implementation in partnership with third party solutions partners providers
  • IT Capacity Building /skills set assessment/training needs assessment, preparing training requirement document (TRD)
  • RFP development
  • Tenders and proposals reviews/evaluations
  • Vendor submittal review
  • Feasibility studies, business case development