International Funded Projects

Effective Benefit Realization

International Projects

European Union (EU)-funded project – Support to Parliamentary development in Lebanon

Lead Consortium: International Management Group

Direct Contractor: TALAL Abou Ghazale (TAG)

Beneficiary: Lebanese Parliament

Leading, planning and monitoring the reform and modernization of the Lebanese Parliament's Information Communication Technology (ICT) Strategy, infrastructure and solutions.

International Projects

European Union (EU)-Funded Project – Small Medium Enterprise (SME) Development of the Lebanese-German Program “Promotion of Vocational Education and Small and Medium”

Contractor: GOPA leading German development consulting firm

Beneficiary: Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Saida and the South (CCIAS) and Chamber of Commerce, industry and Agriculture in Zahle

Leading, planning and monitoring the modernization and reform of the Information Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure applications and solutions. Improve the Database and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.

International Projects

European Union (EU) – funded Program – Strengthening Lebanese Parliament capacities and resources to perform effective legislative

Client: Westminster Foundation For Democracy (WFD)

Development of procurement procedures, manual, booklet guide and Review of assigned roles and responsibilities.

International Projects

USAID Funded Program – Agricultural Quality Control and Certification (QCC) Program for the Chambers of commerce, industry and agriculture in Lebanon

Lead Consortium: ACDI VOCA –Nonprofit Organization Lebanon

Main Contractor: Saint-Joseph University (USJ) Faculty of Sciences

Beneficiaries: Chambers of commerce, industry and agriculture, Zahle, Saida and Tripoli

Leading the laboratories of the Chambers of Commerce in Zahleh, Saida and Tripoli to gain the international accreditation for ISO 17025 from ACLASS / ANAB (ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board- American Society of Quality). This work was done closely in collaboration with the main project contractor the Saint-Joseph University (USJ)- Faculty of Science.