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Faculty of Science – Saint Joseph University (USJ) is the MIKE Award Winner of 2018

The USJ Faculty of Science (FS) has won the Global MIKE Award (Most Innovative and Knowledge Enterprise) for the Middle…
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Visit to the ‘Construction Innovation and Technology Application Centre’ at the Hong Kong Institute of Construction

A capturing tour inside the “Construction Innovation and Technology Application Centre” which has been set up by the Hong Kong…
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Align Management Solutions's CEO Eng. Grace Najjar took part at the Asian Knowledge and Innovation Forum jointly organised by KMIRC and Arup, on 25th April, 2019.

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Align Management Solutions AlignMS, is proud and honored to announce that it has become the Regional Award Hosting Organization and Regional Representative of MOST INNOVATIVE KNOWLEDGE ENTERPRISE AWARD (Mike’s Award

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News 5


Eng. Grace Najjar, as part of her capacity as member of the Scientific Committee of the Order of engineers and Architects “OEA” In Beirut, Lebanon supported the 4th Industrial Revolution conference held on 18th September in Beirut- OEA

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News 6


Grace Najjar Named Leading Arab Woman Influencer in Arab Economy and Banking Industry

Following her active involvement in the banking sector, AlignMS CEO Grace Najjar was invited to attend a high profile gala…
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News 7


AlignMS assisting in International Master in Project Management (iMPM) at MIP Politecnico di Milano

AlignMS CEO Grace Najjar is invited as guest professor at MIP Politecnico di Milano Graduate School of Business to teach…
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News 8


AlignMS assisting in Project Management Courses at Saint-Joseph University (USJ)

AlignMS CEO Grace Najjar is renewing her long-term collaboration with Saint-Joseph University (USJ) in Lebanon to teach courses in several…
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